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Virtuoso – the first new beer of 2019!

We were given the opportunity to use the 2018 harvest of US hops a little earlier than usual, thanks to Yakima Chief Hops. Most of the hops in the US are grown in Washington State, in areas like the Yakima Valley. By the time they’ve been picked, dried, packaged, transported to Europe and available for purchase it’s usually late in January, or even later for some varieties.

One of our favourite beers to brew at Kirkstall is our gluten free session IPA, Virtuous. As soon as the US hops arrived at the brewery, at the end of December last year, we decided to brew Virtuoso. With over double the hopping rate of Virtuous, the clean citrus aroma has been elevated. The flavours of pine, tropical and citrus fruits have been amped up, with a hint of blueberry, balanced against the complex malt bill, with a clean finish and pleasing bitterness. Citra, Simcoe, Amarillo and Mosaic hops are celebrated in this, our first new brew of 2019.

 “We at Yakima Chief Hops pride ourselves in connecting family hop farms to the world finest brewers. Fall in the Pacific Northwest is a big time for our industry. From August to October, our operations & technical solutions teams begin taking in hundreds of lots and begin blending, pelletizing and packaging so they can be distributed throughout the world as soon as possible. Also during this time of year, brewers from all over visit the Pacific Northwest to tour farms and see our facilities.

Kirkstall has been a terrific partner to Yakima Chief. We knew they would need more hops in January but since we already had some available in December, we were delighted to contribute to this batch of Virtuoso IPA. 

Cheers to 2019!”
Denis Gayte

The first pour will be Thursday 31st January – why not grab your first taste at one of these venues:

Arcadia – Assembly Underground – The Beer House Chorlton – Belgrave Music Hall & Canteen – Brigantes – Bunodbust Leeds – Bundobust Manchester – Calls Landing Stew & Oyster – The Cardigan Arms – Cask, Manchester – Cat’s Pyjamas Eastgate – Cat’s Pyjamas Harrogate – Cat’s Pyjamas Headingley – Cellar, Chester – The Crafty Dog – Dead Crafty Beer Company – East of Arcadia – Gas Works Brew Bar – The Gaslamp – Grove Inn, Huddersfield – Harrogate Tap – Headrow House – Head of Steam Leeds – Head of Steam Liverpool – Heaton Hops – House of Hops – Junkbars, Nottingham – Kelham Island Stew & Oyster – Kirkstall Bridge Inn – Little Leeds Beer House – Mounting Stone – Nightjar – North Bar – North Bar Harrogate – North Bar Social – Pilcrow Pub – Port Street Beer House – Raynville Superstore – Reason’s to be Cheerful – Slocken – The Sparrow – Station Hop – Stew & Oyster Boston Spa – Stew & Oyster Oakwood – Stew & Oyster Otley – Tapped – Trembling Madness, Lendal – Two Tribes Tap – Victorian Craft Beer Café – Wapentake – Water Lane Boat House – Whitelocks