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Summer Cask Collaborations

When we invite friends round to our house we like to make beer together — beer destined for cask. That’s exactly what we did when Buxton Brewery and Track Brewing Co. took time out of their busy schedules to sojourn in Leeds over a sunny two weeks in July.


Lud’s Church is a deep chasm set in Peak District gritstone, 13 miles from the marvellous Buxton Brewery. Over the ages it has been covered from top to bottom in vibrant moss, creating a wet, cool and calm environment, even in the height of Summer. It seemed fitting to name our collaboration with Buxton after Lud’s Church — we hope this beer is equally as refreshing as a walk through it. It’s an easy-drinking 4.2% session pale hopped with Centennial, Citra and Eureka and writing about it is making me thirsty.


It’s no secret that Track‘s Sonoma is one of the greatest cask beers on the planet, so you can imagine our excitement when they came to brew with us. This time we made Out of Focus — a punchy, hazy 5.0% pale ale, generously hopped with Citra and additions of Azacca Cryo. Lovely artwork by Amy at Track.


Just yesterday we had the wonderful Mondo Brewing Co. from London with us — more on that soon (as well as a collaboration with a brewery rather closer to home…).