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A Statement Regarding The Inclusion Of Our Branding By SBDRC

Our owner was approached several years ago by an industry friend who explained a concept they intended to lobby. At that point, their objectives were unclear but as time progressed it became apparent that some of these could have a negative impact on some of our friends in the industry.

As a brewery, we have never signed up or supported this scheme. Our owner has also never condoned our association but has received regular updates to which we have not responded or given any support.

We are a small independent business who have reinvested every penny of duty savings in improving equipment to improve quality. This has been and always will be our main focus.

You may not know that in the North of England, we also distribute beers from a lot of your favourite breweries. The majority of these breweries would be impacted by this measure and clearly, this is something we would not want to support.

We’re still trying to find out why our name has been associated with any press releases.

We have, and will never, campaign for anything in this industry apart from our customers’ right to quality.

John Kelly

Managing Director