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February’s Fruits Of Labour

Things have gotten a little fruity at Kirkstall Brewery this month, with not one, but two new beers being brewed.

Do you remember picking blackberries and raspberries in the countryside? Keeping an eye out for dock leaves as you try to avoid the stinging nettles? These are the memories that have inspired us to brew Hedgerow, a bramble nettle kettle sour. The tangy taste of blackberries and brambles brings a subtle tartness that softens with the delicate herbal flavour of nettles. In the wort, once boiled and cooled, we inoculated the brew with lactobacillus, which utilises some of the sugars in the wort, to produce lactic acid. This would often be a fault in most beer styles but is pleasantly refreshing and moreish in a sour beer. Once the pH is as low as 3.25, we then boil the wort again to kill the lactobacillus and proceed as usual; adding hops, cooling down and pitching our house yeast strain to ferment the wort.

Elevation is a raspberry Tripel that combines the fresh taste of raspberries with the complex, delicate style of Belgian beer. Balancing these flavours together give this beer a slight sweetness that develops through spicy phenols and over ripe fruity esters, brought on by using a Belgian yeast strain. Elevation might have a high ABV, but it hides this quite deceivingly, making this the perfect beer for sipping. We took our latest additional tank for a test run with this beauty and, oh my, it did the job well!

Both will be available to order from Thursday 21st February, so why not get in touch with our sales team: orders@kirkstallbrewery.com