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Collaboration with The Five Points Brewing Company

At the end of last year, we headed down to London to collaborate with The Five Points Brewing Company.

Our production manager, Will, worked alongside Greg and the Five Points team, visiting their brewery in the cosy railway arch in Hackney. Together they brewed an English IPA, destined for cask, that has been hopped with two of the newer British hop varieties: Olicana, and for the first time for both brew teams, Ernest. With “New World” characteristics of citrus and apricot, it balanced well against the flavours of tropical fruits from Olicana hops. The result is an English IPA with a gentle hop character, with aromas of apricot, blackberry and grapefruit. The malt profile adds notes of smooth caramel and honey to make this IPA thirst quenching and easy-drinking.

The Pembury Tavern will be hosting a showcase of our beers, with a combination of cask and keg. On the landmark ‘five points’ junction, from which The Five Points Brewing Company takes its name, this venue was relaunched in Autumn 2018. Following the refurbishment and restoration of this legendary Hackney pub we are looking forward to coming down to share our love of beer with London town.