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Brewer’s notes

February’s Fruits Of Labour

Things have gotten a little fruity at Kirkstall Brewery this month, with not one, but two new beers being brewed. […]

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Will Inman – “I’m just one of those weirdos who likes all the numbers and science behind brewing”

Will Inman, a man who thought he might be destined to work in banks, is the Production Manager for Kirkstall […]

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Virtuoso – the first new beer of 2019!

We were given the opportunity to use the 2018 harvest of US hops a little earlier than usual, thanks to […]

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Collaboration with The Five Points Brewing Company

At the end of last year, we headed down to London to collaborate with The Five Points Brewing Company. Our […]

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Omnipresent – it’s going to be everywhere

Prior to our wonderful showcase of all the breweries we work with (Verdant, Wylam, Moor, Harbour, Five Points, Amundsen, Cassels, […]

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Virtuous – Gluten Free!

Some of you may or may not know this but, from today, everyone’s favourite session IPA is now officially gluten-free! […]

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