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2017 in review…

Roundup of 2017

2017 saw a year of change for Kirkstall brewery. The original simple, but effective 8bbl two vessel brew house, which has been creating a variety of cask beer since 2011, has been joined by a beautifully created 50hl, 5 vessel behemoth to help increase capacity and bring new beers to the market.

As well as increasing the capacity significantly to help keep up with demand, extra facilities have been put in place such as dual purpose vessels with automated CO2 control and a centrifuge to help remove unwanted yeast and hop debris from beer prior to packaging; this allows us to produce keg beers alongside the cask range. Rest assured, while some breweries are moving away from cask beer, or stopping production of it altogether, we’re still committed to making our core range, and adding on specials and new beers in smaller runs.

With the new plant installed we’ve introduced a few new keg beers including:


Virtuous Session IPA 4.5% a go-to hoppy beer loaded with Simcoe, Citra, Centennial and Mandarina Bavaria which gives this IPA it’s beautiful citrus aromatics. It’s fruity hop flavour and complex malt base give it a flavourful, yet refreshing profile.


Brudenell IPA 6.0% An Amarillo heavy IPA, complimented by Citra, Mosaic and Azzacca hops. With a dry finish and low colour malt body it really lets the best of the citrus, pine and tropical fruit flavours from the hops shine.


Pilsener 4.0% One of the beers the brew team is most proud of. We’ve made a slightly lighter version of the classic pilsner, with lower bitterness but more hop aroma from dry hopping. We’ve used a new hop variety called Loral from the USA; giving it a beautifully delicate floral nose, backed by subtle malt flavour from a selection of English and continental malts.


On the smaller plant, we have introduced a few new cask beers including the following:


Dexter Milk Stout 4.5% This series of beer has the same sweet, smooth and chocolatey base, yet it gives our brew team the chance to be creative with flavours. So far we have produced Dexter with Chocolate and also Hazelnut as the core flavour. Look out for new editions over the course of the year.

Session IPA 4.5% Who doesn’t love a single hopped session IPA? So far we’ve made a few brews of the Simcoe and Mosaic versions, with Citra lined up. We’ll also be adding more to this over the year, mainly featuring newer, bolder hop varieties with a decent level of dry hopping to showcase the variety being used.


The team


2017 also saw a bit of change in the brew team also. While long-serving brewer Tom Pyke left to join our friends at Dry & Bitter in Copenhagen, we gained Will Inman, who gained his wealth of experience working at Thornbridge (Derbyshire) for almost five years. There he progressed to Senior brewer level, becoming proficient in operating similar equipment to that now found at Kirkstall.


With the new year stretching out before us this blog will be a way to keep up to date with all of us at Kirkstall Brewery; with profiles of our team and news of the brewery development to follow.